APRIL 12, 2023 | Charles Krug Winery, Carriage House

Exclusive Event Sponsor - H&A Barrel Management

event sponsor

Thank you to our exclusive event sponsor H&A Barrel Management.


For nearly 20 years, H&A has provided barrel management services to wineries and distilleries throughout the world. Conscious of the finite nature of oak barrels and the environmental impact of their use, they have made it their mission to extend the lifecycle of the barrels. H&A uses their financing solution as the vehicle to deliver their barrel management services, providing their partners with the necessary quality and traceability standards for each additional use of the barrels. H&A offers their partners a 100% barrel recycling guarantee. Their used barrel inventory can be used in variety of outlets based on age, condition, and quality. Their highest quality barrels are reused for winemaking, but they have options for older barrels as well. These barrels can transition into their seasoning program and eventually to distilleries as finishing barrels. Through these strategic global programs, H&A has been able to extend the lifecycle of the barrel to over 30 years for wineries of all sizes.

7:45 AM - Registration

8:00 AM - Mentor -OR- Show and Tell workshops

OFFSITE workshop

Offsite Mentorship Workshop:
Lighten Up! – Transitioning to Elegant, Lighter Glass

Join Molly Sheppard, Assistant Winemaker & Environmental Manager at Spottswoode Estate, in a live conversation with mentee (TBD) about first steps to transition to lighter glass, including key considerations, adaptations, and challenges like supply chain and market/brand perception. Lighter glass requires less sand/cullet and energy to produce, lightens shipments and often reduces the number of shipments, reducing costs and emissions. This conversation will also touch briefly on other opportunities like kegs and refillable glass.

onsite workshop

Onsite Show & Tell Workshop:
During this workshop you’ll get to visit two stations:

Station One – Future of Wine in Kegs w/Free Flow Wines: More and more restaurants are offering wine in kegs, including R+D Kitchen and Norman Rose. Join Free Flow Wines to learn about the opportunities and challenges to offering wine in kegs.

Station Two – Refillable Bottles & 2024 CRV with Conscious Container: Napa Green wants to explore a collaboration with members to create a branded, refillable bottle that could be washed and reused 3-4 times. As of 2024, all wineries will have to work with the TTB to add CRV to their labels. Hear from Caren McNamara, Founder & CEO of Conscious Container, about refillable options and how the new CRV will accelerate closed loop solutions for wine bottles.

9:20 AM - BREAKFAST HOUR with Sustainable Services & Solutions Networking

Coffee, treats and networking with our “Sustainable Services & Solutions” partners, including H&A Barrel Management, Napa Recycling & Waste Services, Green Cell Foam, Free Flow Wines, Global Package, Napa Green and others.

10:20 AM - Marquee Address

Marquee speaker

Marquee Speaker TBD

11:00 AM - break

11:15 AM - RISE Leadership Award

The RISE Leadership Award will be presented to the winery, vineyard, or industry operation that has achieved outstanding waste prevention & greening of their supply chain over the past year. The Awardee will give a 5-7 minute “TED Talk” on their results and impact.

11:30 AM - Living Room Salon: Leveraging Culture, Data, and Behavioral Science for Positive Change

living room Salon

Once you’ve committed to being a sustainable, values-based business how do you engage your whole team and make it a part of your DNA? As you implement leading sustainable and climate action practices how do you best communicate these achievements to guests, retailers and distributors? How have other industry leaders approached PR campaigns and what have they learned?


During this Salon conversation Sarah Unger, Co-Founder of CULTIQUE, will share examples of how their cultural analysis has transformed management and communications strategies, and Janie Brooks Heuck, Managing Director of Brooks Winery up in the Willamette Valley, will share how they’ve used data and feedback to get employees and guests engaged in their sustainability story.

12:30 PM - LUNCH & WINE


Enjoy wines from Charles Krug Winery and lunch by Elaine Bell Catering